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The results obtained from our experimental program and from the literature are compiled and presented in our technical bulletins

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  • Bulletin 38 - Soon to be available

    Amino Acid Solutions for Lower Crude Protein Levels in Broiler Feeds - Valine Supplementation Allows to Reduce Crude Protein Levels in Broiler Diets

    A synthetic document presenting all the tools to safely reduce dietary crude protein levels in broiler diets will be soon available on this website. Paper copies of the Bulletin 38 available on request.

    Low crude protein diets for broilers are a practical tool to reduce feed costs, environmental impacts and to improve the health and welfare of broiler chickens. By precisely predicting the amino acid requirements, it is possible to formulate on each indispensable amino acid and to reduce dietary crude protein levels. Animal trials and meta-analyses are the basis of this document. As the 4th limiting amino acid, valine is the next step towards more efficient broiler chickens. Other amino acids such as threonine, arginine and glycine are also discussed.

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